Statement against the totalitarian biopolitics of the Russian authorities

"Anyone who tries to lay his hand on me and rule me is a usurper and a tyrant, and I declare him my enemy" (P.-J. Proudhon)

The section of the International Workers' Association in the region of Russia categorically rejects the totalitarian biopolitics of the Russian authorities, which, under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus epidemic, openly violate the most basic rights of wage workers and of the population in general. We consider the compulsory vaccination, proclaimed by those in power, an outrageous act of open state violence against the human personality, his freedom, dignity and life itself.

We recognize that each person has the unconditional right to choose the form of medical prevention, treatment and care that he or she considers necessary, as well as the obligation to fully and truthfully inform the patient about medical measures and their consequences.

Not being a professional medical association, we refrain from evaluating purely medical aspects or the effectiveness of existing vaccines against coronavirus, leaving it to each person individually to choose whether to vaccinate with them or not.

In any case, the vulnerability of the patient after receiving the vaccination dictates, in our opinion, the need to provide the vaccinated with an appropriate paid leave for the period of gaining full immunity or restoring it.

However, instead of transparency, publicity, voluntariness and the introduction of paid vacations, the authorities resorted to methods of outright violence against society, since they are guided by the desire for deadening obedience and profit of the entrepreneurial class. The lack of reliable information and the compulsory imposition of treatment, including compulsory vaccination, cannot be perceived otherwise than as state terror and a large-scale medical experiment for the benefit and profits of large manufacturers of pharmaceutical products. Its very involuntariness and ignorance of any individual contraindications makes one recall the criminal medical experiments on people who were practiced in Nazi camps or Japanese military laboratories in the 1930s – 1940s.

By obliging the vaccinated to sign a document stating that he / she himself is responsible for all the consequences of vaccination, the state completely disclaims any responsibility for the possible tragic results of such an experiment.

Technocratic despotism; the pursuit of bare numbers of vaccinated people; manipulation of testing statistics, morbidity and mortality data; ignoring any alternative opinions of the medical scientific community; annoying and stupefying propaganda; whipping up fear and panic; elitist declaration of the population as incompetent, stupid and selfish mass; outrageous contempt for an ordinary person; hysterical defamation of everyone who does not want to agree with terrorist state coercion; the proclamation of the priority of the so-called "collective security" over freedoms and human rights (quite in the spirit of the Nazi motto "common good over personal good") and, finally, the very criticism of these freedoms as the reasons for the failure of government plans, – all this serves as a manifestation of the further rapid fascization of the oligarchic regime. As it should be under fascism, the ruling circles rely on the hysterical, intimidated and aggressively obedient crowd.

Open discrimination against unvaccinated citizens; denial of medical care, access to basic public services and education for them; the introduction of segregation reminiscent of the dark times of Nazism or apartheid are blatant. For us, as a workers' organization, it is especially unacceptable to force employees of entire sectors of the economy to vaccinate under the threat of dismissal or suspension from work without payment of wages. The fact that the authorities are carrying out this dictatorial measure with the hands of employers is the best reminder of the class nature of the regime and that a large-scale class war from above has been launched against us, wage workers.

We are convinced that, in the final analysis, the current wave of state terror and repression is not a purely temporary and extreme phenomenon. It becomes part of the general strategy of the ruling class to establish an overt dictatorship through total electronic control and total surveillance of the population, a large-scale system of electronic codes and databases, widespread video surveillance and punishment for the slightest deviation from the prescribed rules.

We know from history that fascization occurs gradually. The sooner it meets resistance, the easier it is to stop the slide into the totalitarian abyss. Disobedience and resistance to terrorist and dictatorial measures of the state and the class of employers are turning in our days into a guarantee not only of our human dignity, but also of the preservation of our very life. Of course, if we want to live, and not survive, like obedient slave cattle that are driven to slaughter.

For individual and collective, civil and human disobedience to criminal orders of the authorities!

In the struggle we will gain our right!

Confederation of Revolutionary Anarcho-Syndicalists - Section of the International Workers' Association

Signed by:

Social-Ecological Movement "Other Bears"