Against an involving of anarchists in the war in Ukraine

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The web page of committee "Euskal Herria - Donbass" informed that the CNT of Gipuzkoa has donated warm clothes for the Donbass, in accordance with the appeal of 15 "antifascists made to support the initiative Europe With Donbass" (http: //

A humanitarian catastrophe of the population in Donbass really exists, and of course, a humanitarian aid to humans affected by the fighting is something to celebrate. But this assistance should be done to the needy civilian population directly or through independent organizations, which are far from supporting one of the warring parties. In the case of this "committee" and of "Europe With Donbass" initiative, we are dealing not with the neutral or independent groups, but with open supporters of one of the parties of war.

We did not see this text in the page of the CNT itself and do not know if this information is true. However, we are seriously disturbing by attempts to involve libertarians in support of one or other of the parties in the civil war in Ukraine. The conflict in Ukraine is developed not between the forces of reaction and progress, not between fascism and anti-fascism. This is a fierce struggle for political, economic and military power between the various reactionary bourgeois and oligarchic cliques whose ideology is Ukrainian or Russian nationalism, respectively. In the armies and paramilitary groups on both sides there are many fascists of Ukraine, Russia and other countries. The regimes in Kiev and the Donbass perform equally repressive and anti-social policies, repress the protests of workers and subject them to tyranny and persecution. Behind these puppet regimes are their bosses struggling each other for a new repartition of the world: the NATO and the Russian state.

We ask comrades to pay attention not to the statements, signs and flags of such and such regimes, but to its real nature of class and politics. There can not be a "progressive" nationalism; and there can be no "peoples" and "nations" who aspire to a mythical "self-determination".

There are only two classes: the rulers and the ruled, capital and labor. And it is between them that there is a global fight: not for the rights of elites to control the population of subjects, but for freedom and dignity of workers!

No support of nationalism, the bourgeois cliques, states and those who want to be a state! Yes to social revolution and liberation of the working people!

Information Commission of KRAS-IWA

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