Capitalism and State = War!

Statement on the new Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Recent events in the Middle East, the brutal bombing of Israel and Gaza, which led to the death, injury and psychological trauma of hundreds or even thousands of people, inter-ethnic clashes and pogroms in Israel itself, as well as the confused and often one-sided reaction of the anti-capitalist forces of the world (including many anarchists) prompted us, as anarcho-syndicalists and anti-nationalists, to make this statement.

Section of I.W.A. in the region of Russia about the last protests for Navalny

We, anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists, consider it completely unacceptable for ourselves to take any part in political shows organized by supporters of the right-wing populist Navalny, who is sadly "famous" for his openly nationalist, anti-immigrant, anti-Caucasian and anti-Semitic statements. To march in the ranks of the demonstrations they convened would mean - regardless of any excuses or "explanations" - to turn into the back of one of the political gangs waging a dirty and unprincipled struggle for power.

Statement by the Russian section of the I.W.A. in connection with the introduction of a house arrest regime in Moscow and several other regions of Russia

The authorities finally threw off the democratic mask. By order of the authorities of Moscow and dozens of other regions, residents, under the pretext of an epidemic of coronavirus, are forbidden to leave the apartments in which they live. This means the actual establishment of a totalitarian regime. In Moscow alone, one and a half tens of millions of inhabitants of Europe’s largest metropolis were under house arrest, like de facto prisoners.

Alexi Navalny is no “honest guardian” against Kremlin oppression, anarchists warn

Following political protests against corruption in Russia on March 26th which saw hundreds of arrests, led by lawyer and political figure Alexi Navalny, Russian anarcho-syndicalist group KRAS-AIT argues that for the country’s poor, his “responsible” free-market vision offers no respite.

What is happening in Ukraine? Interview with international secretary of KRAS-IWA

This in the English variant of an interview made by Chinese anarchist blog "" with internarional secretary of KRAS-IWA, anarcho-syndicalist union in Russia

Question: How would you explain what is happening there in Ukraine? What did happen in Ukraine to bring it to such war situation now?

Against an involving of anarchists in the war in Ukraine


The web page of committee "Euskal Herria - Donbass" informed that the CNT of Gipuzkoa has donated warm clothes for the Donbass, in accordance with the appeal of 15 "antifascists made to support the initiative Europe With Donbass" (http: //

Ukrainian crisis and the "Left": Necessary clarification

 Ukrainian civil war caused another heavy blow to those social forces in Russia, who call themselves "left", "anti-fascist" or "anarchist movement". Unable to withstand the tests about the infamous "national question", or more precisely the examination on internationalism, this milieu splinted into supporters of one of the bourgeois camp who grappled with each other in the struggle for power in Ukraine.

Wojna dla wojny! Oświadczenie internacjonalistów w związku z zagrożeniem wojną w Ukrainie.


Bitwa o władzę między klanami oligarchów Ukrainy może stać się zalążkiem największego konfliktu na skalę światową. Rosyjscy kapitaliści zamierzają wykorzystać podział władzy na Ukrainie w celu odnowienia dawnej strefy wpływów i przygotowania planów ekspansji na Krym i wschodnią część Ukrainy, ponieważ mają w tych rejonach interesy ekonomiczne, finansowe oraz polityczne.

About the declaration of AWU "On the confrontation in Ukraine"

The KRAS, section of the International Workers Association in Russian region, appreciates the statement of Ukrainian "Autonomous Workers' Union" (AWU/AST) "On the confrontation in Ukraine" as a step in the right direction. Condemning both sides of the civil war, it differs in this point favorably from the previous position of AWU/AST representatives who refused in March to sign the statement of KRAS, internationalists of Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

Skelbiame karą karui! Internacionalistų pareiškimas dėl karo Ukrainoje grėsmės

Karas karui! Nė lašo kraujo už „naciją”!

Kova dėl valdžios tarp oligarchinių Ukrainos klanų grasina virsti tarptautiniu kariniu konfliktu. Rusijos kapitalizmas, turintis svarbių ekonominių, finansinių ir politinių interesų Kryme ir Rytų Ukrainoje, ketina pasinaudoti Ukrainos valstybės perversmu, kad įgyvendintų savo senus imperinius kėslus.