What is happening in Ukraine? Interview with international secretary of KRAS-IWA

This in the English variant of an interview made by Chinese anarchist blog "" with internarional secretary of KRAS-IWA, anarcho-syndicalist union in Russia

Question: How would you explain what is happening there in Ukraine? What did happen in Ukraine to bring it to such war situation now?

Against an involving of anarchists in the war in Ukraine


The web page of committee "Euskal Herria - Donbass" informed that the CNT of Gipuzkoa has donated warm clothes for the Donbass, in accordance with the appeal of 15 "antifascists made to support the initiative Europe With Donbass" (http: //

Ukrainian crisis and the "Left": Necessary clarification

 Ukrainian civil war caused another heavy blow to those social forces in Russia, who call themselves "left", "anti-fascist" or "anarchist movement". Unable to withstand the tests about the infamous "national question", or more precisely the examination on internationalism, this milieu splinted into supporters of one of the bourgeois camp who grappled with each other in the struggle for power in Ukraine.

Declaration internationaliste contre la guerre en Ukraine


La lutte pour le pouvoir entre les clans oligarchiques en Ukraine menace de dégénérer en un conflit armé international. Le capitalisme russe a l'intention d'utiliser de redistribution des autorités de l'Etat ukrainien afin de mettre en œuvre leurs aspirations impériales et expansionnistes de longue date dans la Crimée et l'Ukraine orientale, où il a des intérêts économiques , financiers et politiques forts.

Communiqué de la KRAS-AIT sur la situation en Ukraine

En Ukraine, la lutte qui a lieu pour le pouvoir entre deux factions rivales de l'oligarchie bourgeoise, implique, malheureusement, de grandes parties de la population. La confrontation a pris un caractère brutal qui s'est accompagné de pertes en vies humaines. Les Anarcho-Syndicalistes ne peuvent appuyer aucun des deux secteurs belligérants.

The Declaration of KRAS-IWA about the power struggle in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the spreading struggle for power between rival factions of the bourgeois oligarchy, unfortunately, involved significant sections of the population. Confrontation acquired brutal character and is accompanied by loss of human life. Anarcho -syndicalists can not support any of the warring sides in the conflict. They are equally hostile to Yanukovych regime with its neo-liberal economic policies and repressive laws that criminalize any protest (including workers picketing of enterprises and independent Internet activity) - and to the "opposition", in which the tone is set by Liberal, Nationalists and by openly Nazi groups.

Ukraine: When masters fall out their men get the clout

The struggle between different groups of the big capital – of power and of “opposition” – led to implement of tightened laws which transformed Ukraine in a police state. The extreme right forces from “Right Sector of Maydan”, no more controlled by the “opposition”, went to attack against Cabinet of Ministers on the Grushevsky Street in Kiev. This resulted in a brutal confrontation with the special repressive forces of “Berkut”, “Yaguar” etc., and it resulted in the causalities among protesters: several people were killed. The authorities crossed the line, showing the real essence of bourgeois democracy. The situation in the Ukrainian capital becomes tenser.