Capitalism and State = War!

Statement on the new Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Recent events in the Middle East, the brutal bombing of Israel and Gaza, which led to the death, injury and psychological trauma of hundreds or even thousands of people, inter-ethnic clashes and pogroms in Israel itself, as well as the confused and often one-sided reaction of the anti-capitalist forces of the world (including many anarchists) prompted us, as anarcho-syndicalists and anti-nationalists, to make this statement.

Ukrainian crisis and the "Left": Necessary clarification

 Ukrainian civil war caused another heavy blow to those social forces in Russia, who call themselves "left", "anti-fascist" or "anarchist movement". Unable to withstand the tests about the infamous "national question", or more precisely the examination on internationalism, this milieu splinted into supporters of one of the bourgeois camp who grappled with each other in the struggle for power in Ukraine.