The Declaration of KRAS-IWA about the power struggle in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the spreading struggle for power between rival factions of the bourgeois oligarchy, unfortunately, involved significant sections of the population. Confrontation acquired brutal character and is accompanied by loss of human life. Anarcho -syndicalists can not support any of the warring sides in the conflict. They are equally hostile to Yanukovych regime with its neo-liberal economic policies and repressive laws that criminalize any protest (including workers picketing of enterprises and independent Internet activity) - and to the "opposition", in which the tone is set by Liberal, Nationalists and by openly Nazi groups.

Ukraine: When masters fall out their men get the clout

The struggle between different groups of the big capital – of power and of “opposition” – led to implement of tightened laws which transformed Ukraine in a police state. The extreme right forces from “Right Sector of Maydan”, no more controlled by the “opposition”, went to attack against Cabinet of Ministers on the Grushevsky Street in Kiev. This resulted in a brutal confrontation with the special repressive forces of “Berkut”, “Yaguar” etc., and it resulted in the causalities among protesters: several people were killed. The authorities crossed the line, showing the real essence of bourgeois democracy. The situation in the Ukrainian capital becomes tenser.

Atomization of society and social self-organization: Context of Russia

The human individualization in industrial-capitalist society, according to Erich Fromm, is complex and controversial (1). In our view, it will be more accurate to speak not about "privatization" of modern society, but about its "atomization", similar to chaotic movement of particles n thermodynamics.


The organization isn`t an objective in itself
but only a means for achievement of setting objective
An old anarchist true
The FORIST alternative
We are communists. But not in this vulgarized and deformed sense which appears us always from pages of papers, from TV channels and broadcasting waves (“communist regime”, “Communist State”, “Communist Party” etc.). The true communism is anarchist, stateless and without authority, free, libertarian. Only hundred years ago, by the meaning of Communists, one can be almost for 100 per cent sure that the matter concerns Anarchists. Only in 1917, this word was stolen by Bolsheviks and it was later crippled by them and made a laughing-stock of entire World…


Egypt: The "Black Bloc" myth

Egyptian society tries to resist the regime triumphed as a result of a "revolution" that toppled the dictator Mubarak: the government of clerical-fascist movement of the “Muslim Brotherhood”. Alas: the fight against the results of pseudo-revolution goes under the banner of their defense. For the legacy of this coup d`etat, a grave fight between the ruling Islamists and the oppositional liberals started. On the side of the latter, different youth groups continue to emerge, often declaring himself "anarchist" or perceived as such.

Kropotkin and the rebuilding of the International Workers Association

In December 2012, international anarchosyndicalism celebrates two anniversaries: the 90th anniversary of the rebuilding of the International Workers Association, and 170 years since the birth of the most prominent theorist of anarcho-communism, Peter Kropotkin. This coincidence of dates can be considered symbolic. Kropotkin was never a member of any revolutionary-syndicalist or anarcho-syndicalist organization, but he made ​​a very important contribution to the creation of the anarcho-syndicalist International, and his ideas have had an enormous impact on its goals and principles.

The Economy of Freedom

The collapse of the state-capitalist dictatorships in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union proved that any attempts to combine a just social ideal with preservation of the state and commodity-money (market) relations are doomed to failure. Communist anarchism has always predicted that Marxist utopias would come to precisely such an end. It has not been discredited in the least by the experience of social democracy and party-state “communism”, and there is therefore no need to “supplement” it with borrowings from these doctrines, which have suffered complete collapse.

International Day of Solidarity with the Drivers of Dominos Pizza

September 15 was an international day of solidarity with the drivers of Dominos Pizza in Brisbane, called by the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation of Australia. These workers, who deliver pizza, are in a struggle against the arbitrary abuse of the firm, which cut their salaries by 19%. The campaign was supported by the International Workers Association and actions were carried out in many countries around the world.

Anarchism and Syndicalism: the «CNT model» and it dilemma

One philosopher has once told that the one, who doesn't study history, is doomed to repeat its errors. The problem consists just in looking for what was made may be not correctly or not very well in the past. This can give a possibility to avoid some mistakes in the present and in the future.

Camp of the «Radical» Opposition: First Conclusions

Now that the authorities have broken up the protest camp of the radical anti-Putin opposition at Chistye Prudy (Pure Ponds) in Moscow, the time has come to sum up the first provisional results of the new wave of political protests in Russia. The opposition intends to continue the protests, but it is now quite possible to draw certain conclusions and extract lessons of some sort.

Declaration of the Section of IWA in Russia about so-called “March of the millions” on 6th.of May, 2012

May 6 in Moscow, the so called “March of Millions” was held organized by Udaltsov, a Stalinist, Nemtsov, a Liberal, and Navalny, a Nationalist. The aim of this opposition was as usually one only: to conquest the power, i.e. to drive the actual authorities from Kremlin and to stand in their place.

Моscow: Picket at the Representative Office of ADECCO

On Feburary 17 there was a solidarity picket with the workers of EULEN-ABB from the anarchosyndicalist union CNT-AIT in front of the business center in Moscow where the representative office of ADECCO is located.

¡Abajo la nueva guerra en el Norte de África! Down with the new war in North Africa! Abaixo a nova guerra no norte de Africa!

Declaracion de la KRAS contra la nueva guerra en el Norte de Africa -  Declaration of KRAS against the new war in North Africa - A declaração de la KRAS contra a nova guerra no norte de Africa

Протест в Химки от МАТ: The case against social activist Alexey Gaskarov

To: President of Khimki Court

Mrs. S.B. Galanova

At present, Your court examines the case against social activist Alexey Gaskarov.

We demand the immediate release of Alexey Gaskarov and relieve him of all charges

To: President of Khimki Court

Mrs. S.B. Galanova

At present, Your court examines the case against social activist Alexey Gaskarov.

Призыв к международной кампании солидарности с Алексеем Гаскаровым - International solidarity with Alexey Gaskarov

Далее английский текст и русский перевод:



On July 29, some people with different political views were arrested. They are suspected in involvement in an protest action in Khimky city near Moscow in previous day. Among them is well known libertarian activist and antifascist Alexey Gaskarov. They are charged without any proof in organization of attack against city administration building. The defendants face up to 7 years of prison on charges of «hooliganism» and organization of mass disorder. New arrests are going. It is obviously that the authorities try clearly to discredite and to crush oppositional movements in Russia. 

Statement of the Russian section of the IWA in relation to events in Khimki

We, militants of the Confederation of Revolutionary Anarcho-syndicalists (Section of the International Workers Association in Russia) are in full solidarity with the residents of Khimki and with environmental community, who protest against the barbaric destruction of the forest Khimki during the construction of railroad route. We consider for intolerable that the city authorities are using gang of neo-Nazi thugs to fight the defenders of the forest.

Belarus: The Conflict at Black Red White in Brest continues

На сайте польской секции М.А.Т. разместили перевод на английский язык последний на данный момент статьи про ситцацию на беларусском предприятии «Black Red White»:

Moscow anarcho-syndicalists on Mayday

On Mayday of 2009, members of Russian section of IWA participated in some actions. A group of our members posted a banner «We are solidary with Visteon workers. IWA» facing of «Ford Motors» partner office at Volgogradsky prospect in Moscow. Nobody was arrested.